AW19 Collection

Autumn harvest in The Enfanted World has been the main inspiration for this season.

The Skunk has layed out a kitchen garden where he grows herbs and vegetables. He sells these vegetables in his little shop in the tree house. 

The skunk has also got a new neighbor this season. Next to the treehouse Mr. Magpie has moved in. But Mr. Magpie has a vice; he cannot keep his fingers to himself. He is especially interested in everything that glitters and shines – like his pearl necklace.

The pearls and the glitter is reproduced through the collection in print and subtle sparkling gold details in rib and piping.

The colours are lovely subdued autumn colours with a splash of a feminine dusty purple, a beetroot-red and a fresh blue and green to give the collection that little something extra.

The AW19 collection features a lot of styles you can choose to either dress up for festive occasions or dress down for a more everyday look but always with a lot of attention to details that make any outfit special.